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The Roald Dahl Museum

Writing Hut Floor Stick-It Tab Set

Writing Hut Floor Stick-It Tab Set

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The sticky note tab set is a real delight for stationery fans. 

It comprises of a block of 7cm by 10cm sticky notes and a block of 5cm by 7cm sticky notes, plus a set of five different coloured tabs, measuring 1.5cm by 5cm.

Furthermore, all of this is wrapped up in our delightful and iconic Writing Hut Floor printed cover, a nod to the world-famous author Roald Dahl and his very own writing hut lino.

With its diminutive size of approximately 7cm by 10cm, and with a thickness or around 1cm, this cute little set will fit nicely in your pocket for when you're out and about gathering stupendous story ideas!

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