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The Twits: The Plays

The Twits: The Plays

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A collection of six short plays for children based on The Twits, adapted by David Wood.

Are you a trick-playing Twit? Or a heroic Roly Poly Bird? Take part in one of these adapted plays and you could become one of the nastiest, dirtiest and ugliest of Roald Dahl's characters, Mr and Mrs Twit.

There’s a part to suit everyone and useful tips about costumes, props and sound effects. Pick the play you want, whether it be making Mr Twit eat wormy spaghetti, sticking a frog in Mrs Twit’s bed or executing the cleverest prank of them all - the great upside down trick. 

Plays vary from needing just three or four key cast members, to a whole class full.

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